Katerina Srbkova - Gestalt Therapy


I’m Katerina Srbkova and I’m happy to see you on my page. I work with adults who want to solve their emotional, relational and family issues. I help them to free themselves from their blocks and to live at full potential.

I practice Gestalt therapy in Altea, Spain at my own private practice called Live Now Therapy. I obtained my BSc degree in psychology from The Open University (UK) and I’m a certified Gestalt Therapist. I encountered the Gestalt Therapy in 2014 and I absolutely love its methods and techniques. I’m on the Board of Inclúyenos in Benidorm, Spain – a non-profit organisation supporting the families of children affected by autism and other mental disorders. Currently, I’m expanding my experience with bioenergetics, enneagram and psychoanalysis.

I have worked with adults emotionally stuck in unresolved family problems, with women struggling under the pressure of societal expectations, and with fellow expats welcoming the possibility to be helped in their own language. I support my clients in slowing down and exploring their lives so they can make significant changes and become the strong, confident woman or man they always wanted to be.

Why do I do this work? I believe that all of us could benefit from therapy sessions. It is not acceptable to live with depression, anxiety or low self-esteem. Nobody should be waking up with the crushing feeling of responsibility for the emotions of someone else, suffering under the pressure of family expectations or giving up pleasure in order to keep up with the image dictated by the media.

I also believe that we can have a good and satisfying life even in the worst of circumstances. This belief is reflected in my own experience as a mother of a boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. When I was told about the diagnosis, the year my son was 5 years old, my first thought was that my life was over and that I will never feel happy again. Over the following years, the Gestalt Therapy helped me to experience me that this is not true. I’m now aware that it is possible to enjoy life in the present situation and I’m here to help others to find this out for themselves.


Education and credentials

Member of AETG – Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy 

Training in Integrative Clinical Psychotherapy (Formación en Psicoterapia Clínica Integrativa), IPETG  – Institute of Emotional Psychotherapy and Group Techniques in Alicante, Spain (ongoing)

Introduction to Psychoanalysis (Curso de Introducción al Psicoanálisis), lecturer: Javier Arenas Planelles, IPETG Alicante, Spain

Training in Gestalt Therapy (Formación en Terapia Gestalt), IPETG Alicante, Spain. Certified therapist by AETG (Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy).

BSc. (Honours) Psychology, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. BPS member.

Master in Communication Sciences (Licentiaat/Master in Communicatiewetenschappen), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium



Inclúyenos – Asociation of the Parents of Persons with Autism and Language Impairment in Benidorm (Spain)